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Park Fees

Park Facilities Rental

         PRACTICE         TOURNAMENT

resident nonresident

(per field/per 2 hrs)

  $ 30   $ 40   $ 300* (per day)

(per field/per 2 hrs)
  $ 20   $ 30   $ 200* (per day)

tennis court   $ 10   $ 20   $ 40 (per day)

Tournament. * subject to change based on details of event.  A sporting event made up of a series of games, rounds, or contests between multiple teams. 

Please contact Jeff Davis, Recreation Manager, for information regarding field rentals.

Additional facility costs

  • Lighting (baseball/softball only): $20 per field/per hour
  • Game Preparation (baseball/softball): $30/field
  • Game Preparation (soccer/football): cost contingent upon dimension of markings required
  • Park and Recreation Staff: $25 (hourly per employee).  After 11pm, it is mandatory to have 1 Parks representative on site.  At discretion of Director, more than 1 Parks representative may be required.
  • Repair of damaged facilities to be paid for at actual cost of labor and materials.
  • Parks Department reserves exclusive right to sale of concession items and use of concession stands unless agreed upon otherwise in rental agreement contract

Pavilion Rental (4 Hours)

Attendees Rental Fee
Less than 50 $50.00
51-100 $75.00
100+ $125.00

Senior center room

Deposit: $100.00

Rental fee: $50.00 per day

Special events

Special event permits: $50.00.

Special events. Tents: $150.00 per event.