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Celina Community Christmas Tree Fundraiser

  1. Celina Community Christmas Tree

    Celina Main Street has created a fundraising campaign to cover the cost of a new Christmas Tree for the Historic Downtown Square. Donations of all size are accepted. Corporate Sponsors will be recognized at the tree display throughout the season. Those who donate $100 or more will receive a Celina Historic Downtown Square Christmas Ornament for their trees at home. The official tree lighting will take place during Christmas on the Square, December 4, 2019!

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    Please complete payment information below. If mailing a check please send to Attn: Celina Main Street, 142 N. Ohio St., Celina, TX 75009. Please note that an additional 3% charge will be added to credit card payments due to processing fees.

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    The City of Celina reserves the right to reject any and all advertising. Sponsors agree to hold the City of Celina harmless from any and all liability arising from any and all claims made against the City of Celina regarding their particular sponsorship, and assume all liability for all content of advertisements printed.

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