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Code Enforcement

  1. Report a Code Violation

    To report a violation, please fill out the form below. You may submit a report anonymously. Your name and contact information are only... More…

Development Services

  1. Property/Information Request

    Please complete the following form so that we can locate and gather information regarding a property you have questions about. Doing so... More…


  1. City of Celina Events: Vendor Database Form

    Interested in receiving the City of Celina's community events vendor applications? Fill out your information below to be added to our... More…

Fire dept

  1. Celina Fire Clown Show
  2. Station Tours and Visits
  1. Smoke Detector Battery Replacement Program

    Please fill out the form below to have the Celina Fire Department replace your batteries in your smoke detector. Batteries must be... More…

Life Connected

  1. Celina Podcast Request Form

    We are interested in hearing your story. Do you have a special Celina story? Did something unique bring you here? Did you move here... More…

  2. HOA Directory Form
  1. Downtown Celina Live Music Grant

    Live music is a goal in Downtown Celina. Businesses may apply for up to $1000 per venue to assist in developing live music in their... More…

  2. Neighborhood Block Party Notification

    The City of Celina wants you to have a great block party! Notifying the City of your block party assists us in keeping your community... More…


  1. Celina Business Connection

    The Celina Business Connections wants to help shine a light on Celina businesses through a Business Connection Video. Our team will... More…

  1. Celina Water Tower Lighting Application

    Thank you for your interest in the City of Celina’s Water Tower Lighting Program. If you are interested in lighting the Downtown Celina... More…

Police Department

  1. Celina Police Department Job Opening Notifcation

    Be notified when jobs become available at the Celina Police Department

  2. Complaints

    When a citizen has a complaint against an officer, the complaint is directed to the department’s Internal Affairs Division, located at... More…

  1. Commendations

Public Works

  1. Adopt-A-Street Application
  2. Celina Public Works Line Locate Requests
  1. Celina Public Works EMERGENCY Line Locate Requests
  2. Schedule Cleanup and Request Supplies

    Required to notify the City of Celina of when you plan to schedule your quarterly cleanup event and to request supplies and schedule... More…

Vacation Watch

  1. Vacation Watch

    If you will be leaving your home unattended for any reason, you may contact us to arrange a vacation watch.