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Posted on: March 31, 2020

Our Celina Front Porch Photo Project

frontporch project

To view Our Celina Magazine’s front porch project photo project visit the links below.

My name is Renee Marler, publisher of OurCelina community magazine.  My husband and I have been residents since 2005 and in that time, we have met so many amazing people in the community.  We started the OurCelina magazine in 2018 because we felt the community needed to be represented authentically.

When the Coronavirus hit and the pandemic brought more people home, we wanted to document this time in our history.  We felt this was unprecedented and should be told in the best way we knew pictures. We also wanted to do something fun that would bring families together and bring them outside.  We saw this idea posted from a photographer up north and thought it would be the perfect way to show the true heart of Celina.  To be honest, I didn’t expect much participation, but figured if I had 20 or so participate it would be worth it.

To date (just 4 days into this project) we have taken photos of close to 200 families!  That’s an incredible response!

While we are out, we are meeting so many people that I have never seen before.  They are all so appreciative and have commented that this was EXACTLY what we needed right now.  We are so blessed to be able to do this in, and for, Celina.  We have a few more days to go to hit all the neighborhoods and we expect that number to be closer to 300 families.

We have made arrangements with some “essential workers and first responders “ who work during the day so we can be sure to include them in thanks for all their hard work during this time.

This has been a true eye-opening experience and one we will remember forever...and now, we can all remember through the lens.

frontporch project

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