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Posted on: July 5, 2019

UPDATE on UTRWD Transmission Pipeline Leak & Water Restrictions

Leak Update

CELINA (July 15, 2019) The Upper Trinity Regional Water District (UTRWD) is now at full strength after repair of a water main.  The break caused district officials to mandate severe restrictions for outdoor irrigation, specifically to the district’s northeast water transmission system.

                 All of Celina’s residents and businesses, within the water district’s northeast system, had been affected by the now-lifted restrictions, as well as residents served by Mustang SUD, Providence Village, Paloma Creek, and Artesia.

               These restrictions were not the result of a drought or of dwindling water supplies.  They were put in place to deal with a break in the supplier’s distribution system.  The district has since completed work on repairing the break, allowing its customers to resume normal watering.

               To meet the demands of their northeast water transmission system customers, the UTRWD had been implementing some water diversion and other workarounds, which have since been discontinued.

               The basic water needs of Celina residents were being met, but because of the lowered volume, the district placed restrictions on non-essential uses of water.  Even after the repair, however, UTRWD officials caution that the use of water for irrigation should nevertheless be carefully monitored.

               Among the recommendations that remain include twice weekly watering of lawns and landscaping with automatic sprinkler systems; and watering only before 10 a.m. or after 6 p.m.  As always, using water wisely, fixing leaks, ensuring the irrigation system is working properly, and watering only when necessary remain necessary.

Watering of flower beds and other plant features may be accomplished as needed with a hand-held hose, drip irrigation or soaker hoses during the allotted times, and pool owners may replace water as necessary to maintain their equipment.  However, using water to “sweep” driveways and sidewalks is prohibited.

While the City of Celina was directly affected by these restrictions, the work to restore full capacity was completely dependent on the district and its partners. 

Even after the district has restored full service, officials continue to urge residents and businesses to adhere to wise and prudent use of water.  Water is a finite resource, and even though City residents are back at full strength the need to be water-smart remains critical. 

July 2, 2019, Post: 

Here is what we know:

•The leak is on a 36-inch pipeline in the general area of Fishtrap and Brewer Roads.

•Access to the leak is limited because of the higher than normal water level of Lewisville Lake.

•UTRWD staff is coordinating with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, as the location of the leak is within the Corp property around the lake.

•A Contractor is on-site actively working to improve access to the pipeline failure location.

•UTRWD staff has begun procuring parts to accomplish the needed repairs

•Excavation and repairs will begin after the contractor is able to access the leak location.

It appears that, with your cooperative efforts, Upper Trinity’s northeast water transmission system has achieved a fairly stable operational condition. Therefore, as of tomorrow, July 3, one time per week watering can be allowed according to the following:

•Even addresses may water on Wednesday

•Odd addresses may water on Friday

•Irrigation of flower beds, trees and foundations is permitted any day if it’s by means of a hand-held hose, drip irrigation or soaker hose systems

Residents and businesses should be reminded to turn off their irrigation system after watering or adjust the controller to once per week. In addition, all residents and businesses should follow these simple outdoor watering tips:

Water early in the morning (before 10am) or late in the evening (after 6pm) - - to avoid evaporation

•Avoid wasting water - - adjust sprinkler heads to water the lawn not sidewalks or driveways

•Only one-inch per week is needed. Sign-up at to know how much to water based on current weather conditions.

UTRWD will continue to monitor the delivery system and may adjust the outdoor watering guidelines should operational conditions warrant.

We want to Thank the Community for your continued cooperation! Should you have any questions, please contact Public Works at 972-382-9886.

Original Post: June 28, 2019

Due to a water leak within the Upper Trinity Regional Water District (UTRWD) system, the City of Celina and the communities to the west of our town were asked to monitor our water use. They have notified the city that a main transmission line is broken near Lake Lewisville. That section is isolated and not causing any water quality issues. UTRWD is working on locating the break and repairing it as soon as possible. Unfortunately, they are unable to give us a timeframe of when the issue will be resolved.

Our city is now receiving water from the Temple Dane Station (TDS) through a secondary transmission line. They are certain they will be able to meet the water needs of Celina, but as a precaution, they have enforced a Stage 3 water restriction.

This issue does not affect our event for tonight. SPLASH AND BLAST will continue as planned 5PM - 10PM. We hope to see all of you there!

We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused. We will be updating the city’s website and social media sites when we receive more information in regards to this issue. Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

Residents are asked to restrict water use as outlined below:

(i) Nonessential water use by customer is substantially restricted;

(ii) City shall suspend issuance of permits for new swimming pools, hot tubs, spas and ornamental ponds;

(iii) City shall step up enforcement activities;

(iv) Outdoor irrigation is prohibited;

(v) Irrigation of trees and building foundations is permitted one day per week and between 6:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. if it is by means of a hand-held hose, drip irrigation or soaker hose systems;

(vi) Use of water to wash any motor vehicle, motorbike, boat, trailer or other vehicle not occurring on the premises of a commercial vehicle wash facility or commercial service stations is prohibited. Further, such washing may be exempt from these requirements if the health, safety and welfare of the public are contingent upon frequent vehicle cleansing, such as garbage trucks and commercial vehicles used to transport food and perishables;

(vii) Filling, draining, and refilling of existing swimming pools, wading pools, Jacuzzis and hot tubs except to maintain structural integrity, proper operation and maintenance or to alleviate a public safety risk is prohibited. Existing pools may add water to or replace losses from normal use and evaporation;

(viii) Hosing and washing of paved areas, buildings, structures, windows or other surfaces is prohibited except by variance and performed by a professional service using high efficiency equipment;

(ix) Operation of ornamental fountains or ponds that use potable water except where supporting aquatic life or water quality is prohibited; or

(x) Landscape watering of parks, golf courses, and athletic fields with potable water is prohibited. Exception for golf course greens and tee boxes which may be hand watered as needed. Variances may be granted by the city under special circumstances.”

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