Planning Applications

City of Celina Submission Information

A pre-development meeting prior to a submission is required.

 The City of Celina Planning & Development Services Department accepts zoning and development applications by appointment. Contact Ben Rodriguez at 972-382-2682 ext. 1022 to schedule an appointment.

 The review cycle deadline ends at NOON every Friday for DRC "Development Review Committee" comments to be provided 14 days later.

Engineering Plans require a three-week review for an initial submission and subsequent reviews are two weeks.

When submitting applications please speak with Ben Rodriguez ( Applications received after the noon cut-off will be processed in the following review cycle.

Courier, piecemeal, and drop off deliveries will not be accepted.

Placement on P&Z and Council agendas will be determined once DRC comments have been satisfied.

Residential Replats must be submitted no later than 21 days prior to the next regularly scheduled Planning and Zoning Commission meeting.

Plats requiring OSSF (Septic) review shall be submitted to the Collin County Health Department concurrently with the City's review.