Park Fees

Park Facilities Rental


resident nonresident
(per field/per 2 hrs)
$ 40 $ 50 $ 350* (per day)

(per field/per 2 hrs)
$ 20 $ 30 $ 200* (per day)

tennis court $ 10 $ 20 $ 40 (per day)

Tournament. * subject to change based on details of event. A sporting event made up of a series of games, rounds, or contests between multiple teams.

Please contact Jeff Davis, Recreation Manager, for information regarding field rentals.

Additional facility costs
  • Lighting (baseball/softball only): $20 per field/per hour
  • Game Preparation (baseball/softball): $30/field
  • Game Preparation (soccer/football): cost contingent upon dimension of markings required
  • Park and Recreation Staff: $25 (hourly per employee). After 11pm, it is mandatory to have 1 Parks representative on site. At discretion of Director, more than 1 Parks representative may be required.
  • Repair of damaged facilities to be paid for at actual cost of labor and materials.
  • Parks Department reserves exclusive right to sale of concession items and use of concession stands unless agreed upon otherwise in rental agreement contract

Pavilion Rental (4 Hours) *Reserve a Facility*
Attendees Rental Fee
Less than 50 $50.00
51-100 $75.00
100+ $125.00

Senior center room
Deposit: $100.00
Rental fee: $50.00 per day
Special events
Special event permits: $50.00.
Special events. Tents: $150.00 per event.