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The Celina Fire Prevention Division has prepared comprehensive documents with information on the permitting and inspection processes. Please review these documents by clicking on the links below or clicking under Contractor Fire Systems on the menu to the left.

Celina follows the 2012 International Fire Code with the North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG) amendments option (b). These amendments are consistent with most cities in the D/FW metroplex. Click here for more information

Current Celina Fire Code Amendments

1. Reasons why fire alarm systems fail inspection
2. Reasons why Sprinkler system installation fail inspection
3. Above Ground Tank Installation Check List
4. Access Controlled Doors
5. Access Gates
6. Construction Site Above Ground Tanks
7. Fire Alarm Permit
8. Fire Hydrants
9. Fire Lane Requirements
10. Fire Sprinkler Monitoring
11. Fire Sprinkler Permit
12. Fire Watch Requirements
13. Fireworks Permit
14. Hood System Permit
15. Knox Box Requirements
16. Open Burning Requirements
17. Paint Spray Booths
18. Permit Application Forms
19. Recreational Fire Requirements
20. Tent Permit
21. Underground Storage Tanks

Fire Prevention and Inspection Information

The most effective way to fight a fire is to prevent it before it starts. For this reason the City of Celina has adopted Codes and Regulations aimed at making our buildings and homes safer from the ravages of fire. These requirements will result in fewer fires, less damaging fires and an improved insurance rating.

The City of Celina has adopted the 2012 International Fire Code, with NCTCOG amendments (option B) and other local and regional amendments. A copy of these amendments may be sent upon request. Please direct inquiries to the Celina Fire Marshal’s Office at (972) 382-2653.

An important provision of the fire code concerns installation of fire safety systems. Installation or alteration of any Fire Protection or Life Safety System shall only be performed by State Licensed Contractors. Plans for these systems must be submitted for review and must be approved by the Celina Fire Department prior to any Fire Protection or Life Safety System installation or alteration.

Plans in PDF format to be sent via email to
Please allow ten (10) business days for the plan review. The submitter will be contacted by phone when the plans have been approved or rejected. If the plans are rejected, a full explanation of the reasons will be provided along with suggestions for correcting the problems.

Please note that a set of approved plans must remain at the job site. For Inspections or Acceptance Tests, please contact the Fire Marshal’s Office at (972) 382-2653. Allow five (5) business days for completion of an inspection and the reporting of the results.

Fire sprinkler and fire alarm plans must include a plan review submittal sheet with the plans.

  1. Keith Brumfield

    Phone: 972-200-3840

  2. Mark Metdker

    Fire Chief
    Phone: (972) 382-2653

We are a paperless permit office

All submittals to be in a single PDF file and emailed to 

Larger files can be sent by, upload, and email to