Celina Municipal Court (972) 382-2962 


Municipal Court Clerk Office is located in City Hall and observes the same CLOSURES and HOLIDAYS as City Hall.

For ticket information, refer to How to Handle Your Citation.


The Supreme Court of Texas' 43rd Emergency Order discontinues the blanket authority provided by prior Emergency Orders for all courts to modify or suspend any and all deadlines and procedures prescribed by statute, rule, or order.  Therefore, all of the statutory deadlines and procedures regarding cases (including payment of judgment fines, fees and costs) in the Celina Municipal Court are in effect beginning October 1, 2021. Refer to the instructions on your citation or judgment/order.  If you like to know more about how your case may be affected, please contact the court clerk's office.


Most requests and/or documentation due to the Court may be sent online by clicking on FORMS (Requests & Submittals). Follow the instructions on the applicable form.  


Court is held on the 1st and 4th Tuesday of each month and subject to change at the Court's discretion.  Docket notices may be sent via mail or email.  It is your responsibility to update your information in writing with the court.       

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Celina Municipal Court is to fairly and impartially administer justice while providing excellent customer service.

Municipal Courts are the judicial branch of city government. In addition, the Municipal Court is part of the State judicial system. Municipal Courts hear Class C Misdemeanor criminal cases, including traffic violations, as well as cases involving violation of City ordinances. 

**It is UNLAWFUL to contact the Judge regarding citations outside of the courtroom.**

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