The Celina Police Patrol Division is overseen by Lieutenant Tim Hale. 

It consists of 4 Patrol Sergeants (one for each shift). Patrol units answer a wide variety of calls, each exhibiting an unknown level of threat or danger. Frequent calls include alarm investigations, accidents, critical care emergencies, family violence situations and even suicidal and threatening persons. 

Our 911 and after-hours calls are dispatched through the Collin County Sheriff's Office. Non-emergency can be reached at 972-547-5350.. The Celina Police also offers Vacation Watches. If you will be leaving your home unattended for any reason, you may contact us to arrange a vacation watch. Please call us at 972.382.2121 or CLICK HERE to fill out the online form.

Alpha Days Sergent Sammy Hernandez

Criminal Investigation Division Sergeant Kyle Peck

Patrol Lieutenant Tim Hale