Blue Santa Program

They say it is better to give than to receive and with a Christmas spirit, that’s what the Blue Santa program is all about. There are many children within our own Celina community who are less fortunate during the Christmas Holiday, and this is the opportunity that allows you to bless them.

How the Blue Santa program works:
There are multiple moving parts to make Blue Santa successful. Working very closely with the Celina ISD teachers, counselors, and the ISD Police Department, who identify which children in our community need help for Christmas. A list is then compiled of each child’s needs and wants. The list is then given to the Celina Police Department who then gets the information out to you, the Celina community, and this is where you come in.

Every family on the Blue Santa list, big or small will be up for adoption and it’s because of you and your genuine love for your community, that these children will be able to celebrate Christmas. You may never know who these kids are or why they need help, but please know you have made a positive impact in their life and their family’s life and it’s solely because of you that they are able to enjoy Christmas.