School Based Programs

The Celina Police Department and the Celina Independent School District have established a dynamic relationship centered on the common objective of creating safer schools and mentoring students. Through their collaboration, they work hand in hand to implement comprehensive safety measures within the school district. This includes providing School Resource Officers who serve as a visible presence on campuses, ensuring the well-being of students, and responding to any potential threats or incidents.

Moreover, the partnership extends beyond mere security. The School Resource Officers also take on the role of mentors and positive role models for the students. They engage with students on a personal level, offering guidance, support, and advice. By fostering strong relationships with the students, these officers serve as trusted confidants, promoting a sense of trust and open communication.

The joint efforts of the Celina Police Department and the Celina Independent School District go beyond just maintaining safety and security. They strive to create an environment where students feel safe, supported, and inspired to reach their full potential. Through their combined commitment to the well-being of the students, this collaborative partnership serves as a powerful force in shaping the lives of the young individuals in the community.