Patrol Shifts

Each shift is responsible for maintaining order and providing supervision during their designated time frame. These sergeants play a crucial role in coordinating and overseeing the activities of patrol officers, ensuring the safety and efficiency of operations. Their leadership contributes to the professionalism and effectiveness of the Celina Police Department's patrol division, allowing for comprehensive coverage and prompt responses to incidents around the clock.

  1. Josh Armstrong

    Josh Armstrong

    Patrol Sergeant

    Sergeant Josh Armstrong brings a wealth of law enforcement experience to his role as the Alpha Days patrol supervisor at the Celina Texas Police Department. With 13 years of dedicated service, Sergeant Armstrong's career began at the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, where he worked as a corrections officer at the maximum security Telford Unit for two years.

    Following his time at the Telford Unit, Sergeant Armstrong joined the Texarkana Texas Police Department, where he served for eight years. During his tenure there, he gained diverse experience in various units, including patrol, the special investigations unit, the problem-oriented policing unit, and as a narcotics investigator. He also demonstrated his commitment to the community by being a member of the Texarkana SWAT team for six years.

    Sergeant Armstrong joined the Celina Police Department three years ago, initially serving as Celina's crimes against children detective as part of the North Texas Internet Crimes Against Children task force. Recognizing his exceptional skills and leadership abilities, he was promoted to the rank of Sergeant and assumed the role of Alpha Days patrol supervisor.

    With his extensive background and expertise, Sergeant Josh Armstrong brings valuable knowledge and a strong commitment to serving and protecting the community of Celina. His leadership ensures the efficient and effective functioning of the Alpha Days shift, contributing to the overall safety and well-being of the city.

  1. Colton Raper

    Colten Raper

    Patrol Sergeant

    Sergeant Colten Raper embarked on his law enforcement journey in December 2009 as a reserve officer with the Ector Police Department, working under Chief Mike Stephens. In May 2010, he transitioned to the Honey Grove Police Department, where he served under Fannin County Sheriff Mark Johnson. In 2013, Sergeant Raper joined the Van Alstyne Police Department, working under the leadership of Chief Tim Barnes. During his tenure there, he became a certified field training officer, imparting his knowledge to new recruits. He also obtained certification in Advanced Roadside Impaired Driving Enforcement (ARIDE) and effectively enforced driving while intoxicated (DWI) offenses.

    In 2017, Sergeant Raper accepted a position with the Celina Police Department as a patrol officer, showcasing his commitment to community safety. In 2018, he was appointed as a field training officer, responsible for training newly recruited officers. Additionally, he became an integral part of the Special Response Team (SRT), specializing as a breacher/operator. Sergeant Raper also takes pride in educating the community as he teaches the ins and outs of the Special Response Team at the Celina Citizens Police Academy.

    Recognizing his exceptional skills and dedication, Sergeant Colten Raper was promoted to the role of Patrol Sergeant in 2021. Leading a patrol shift, he aims to positively influence his subordinates, fostering their professional growth within the rapidly expanding department. His ultimate goal is to create a capable and promotable team that continues to serve the community of Celina with utmost dedication and professionalism.

  1. WIlson

    Jeremy Wilson

    Patrol Sergeant

    Jeremy has been an invaluable member of the Celina Police Department since 2015, diligently serving as a Patrol Sergeant. Throughout his career, he has held significant positions such as the Sergeant of Personnel and Training, Field Training Manager, and team leader for SRT. In 2016, Jeremy also became a TCOLE instructor, showcasing his expertise in law enforcement education. His instructional capabilities span a wide array of subjects, including Defensive Tactics, Firearms, Patrol Rifle, RDS pistol, Taser (CEW), Ballistic shield, ALERRT, Less Lethal Chemical and Impact weapons, and diversionary devices, for which he holds instructor certificates. Moreover, Jeremy has received certificates for his specialized training as a Hostage Negotiator, Basic & Advanced SWAT, and Mental Health Officer, highlighting his commitment to enhancing his skills and knowledge. Furthermore, his dedication to professional growth led him to graduate from the esteemed 137th School of Police Supervision in 2022, solidifying his abilities as a capable and effective leader within the department.

  1. Shane DiGeorge

    Shane DiGeorge

    Patrol Sergeant

    Sergeant Shane DiGeorge embarked on his law enforcement journey in 2008 when he joined the Dallas Oak Cliff area as a Police Officer. His dedication and exceptional performance led to him being recognized as Officer of the Year in his debut year, setting the stage for a promising career. Demonstrating his expertise, he was selected to become a Field Training Officer, where he mentored new recruits.

    After accumulating valuable experience, Sergeant DiGeorge's hard work paid off, and he was promoted to the rank of Corporal, which he held for approximately seven years. Seeking new opportunities, he applied to the Celina Police Department, where he was hired in January 2020. Swiftly establishing himself as a pivotal figure in Celina's Field Training Program, he earned the respect and admiration of his colleagues, emerging as a leader within the department.

    In September 2022, Sergeant DiGeorge achieved the rank of Sergeant and currently serves as a supervisor for the night shift. Coming from a military background, he was raised in a family that instilled values of discipline and service. Married with three children, he remains committed to ensuring public safety and fostering a secure environment for the citizens of Celina, tirelessly working towards creating a safe community for all.