Complaint Process

It is the policy of the Celina Department to accept and investigate all complaints of department personnel misconduct or wrongdoing from any citizen or city employee. All complaints will be investigated thoroughly in accordance with departmental policies and procedures set forth by the Texas Best Practices Organization.

When a complaint is filed, the Professional Standards Unit will complete a thorough investigation and create a report detailing the findings of the investigation. The investigator will then notify both the complainant and employee of the results of the investigation as soon as the investigating is concluded.

Please keep in mind that all Department Personnel are afforded the same rights as every citizen and any complaint must be supported by legitimate evidence. If there is lack of evidence to sustain the complaint, no further action will be taken against the person that the complaint is against.

The Complaint Process

There are several ways to initiate a complaint. 

  1. Calling the Police Department at 972-382-2121 and request to speak to a supervisor.
  2. Come to the Police Department at any time and ask to speak with an on-duty supervisor. 
  3. Go to our web site to complete and submit the complaint digitally. 


Once the complaint is received, an officer with the Professional Standards Unit will contact you for any follow up questions they may have or collect any related documents or statements needed for the investigation. 

Complaint Dispositions

The final disposition of each allegation in the complaint will be classified in one of the following ways:

Sustained: The allegation is substantiated.

Unfounded: The allegation is false or not factual.

Exonerated: The incident occurred but the member acted lawfully and properly.

Not sustained: The allegation is not substantiated and there is not sufficient evidence to prove or disprove the allegation.