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Are you considering a career with the Celina Police Department? Let us share with you the compelling reasons why it's a remarkable choice. Celina, Texas, combines small-town charm with incredible growth, making it an exceptional place to serve and protect.  

Celina's rapid expansion creates unique challenges and exciting prospects for law enforcement professionals. By joining the Celina Police Department, you'll be at the forefront of addressing these challenges and contributing to the city's continued development.

Moreover, Celina recognizes the paramount importance of training its officers. We place a strong emphasis on equipping our officers with the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to excel in their roles. From advanced tactical training to community engagement strategies, we invest in our officers' professional growth, ensuring they are prepared to handle the evolving demands of law enforcement.  

Joining the Celina Police Department means joining a team that values continuous learning and development. We believe that well-trained officers are the cornerstone of effective policing. By investing in your training, we empower you to make a lasting impact on the safety and well-being of our community. Come be part of our dedicated team and embrace the opportunity to serve and protect in a city experiencing remarkable growth.

Why join the Celina Police Department

Celina’s maximum projected buildout is 378,000 and 78 square miles. Now is the time to join this growing community and police department. With a planned police station opening in the fall of 2023, opportunities to work in new sections and specialties, and competitive salary and benefits, come join the team and experience personal and professional successes.

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