Library Master Plan

The 2023 Celina Public Library Master Plan is here!

In consultation with the Library Board, Parks Board, Community Leaders, Community Stakeholders and City/Library staff, the City embarked on a journey to find out what the priorities are in our future library system. The resulting plan outlines best practices and the next steps that will enhance Celina’s Public Library system. This Master Plan seeks to be comprehensive, actionable, forward thinking, and will help develop creative spaces in the future Government Center. This plan also gives planning recommendations to allow the library to respond to community needs, desires, and goals from now through the year 2040!

The vision of the Celina Public Library is to be a premier participant in the development of an enriched, informed, and connected community that lives, grows, works, and plays in a quality hometown environment.

The Master Plan recommends spaces that allow the Celina Public Library to meet the standards and community needs for space, collection, study rooms and technology based on data and extensive community input gathered throughout the process.