Irrigation Evaluation Program

Program: Irrigation Evaluation at no cost to the resident
Eligibility: City of Celina water utility customers once every 12 months

Slots will be open on the 25th of every month with evaluations to be scheduled beginning the first of the following month.

Outdoor irrigation accounts for 50 – 70% of all water used during the summer months, much of which is wasted due to overwatering or inefficient sprinkler systems. As of March 1st, 2023, the City of Celina has begun an Irrigation System Check-Up Program for its residential utility water customers as part of our water conservation program. Check-Ups are provided to Celina residential water customers at no charge.

The purpose of the Program is to evaluate residential irrigation systems and provide residential water customers with information on how to best use the watering system on their property. Education is of primary importance to help customers understand the components of their irrigation system and how to water efficiently while continuing to have quality landscapes.

The City has contracted with a licensed irrigation company M&M Irrigation and Illumination to perform the check-ups to identify potential problems with the homeowner’s irrigation system. In addition, the licensed irrigator discusses the proper irrigation system and controller maintenance and operation with the homeowner, as well as provides information on efficient watering habits. As part of the program, a report is provided to the homeowner with suggested irrigation system repairs, as well as recommended controller settings. This report includes an estimate of gallons of water saved every week if the recommendations for controller runtimes are implemented.

The program will begin filling slots on the 25th of every month on a first-come, first-served basis at no cost to the Celina water utility customers. Customers are allowed one evaluation per 12 months and must be present at the time of the evaluation. During the process of signing up if the screen turns gray when signing up, the monthly request has been filled.

For more information, please email