Live Music Grant

The City of Celina makes funds available for local businesses in the downtown area of the City of Celina through the Live Music Grant.

Grant Details: 

Downtown businesses may apply for incentives to host live music in their place of business on Friday and/or Saturdays. The number of events and occupancy of the applicant’s place of business will determine the amount of incentives. Factors in determining incentive total includes the number of events and capacity of venue. The total amount of incentives will not exceed $1,000 per venue during the city’s fiscal year, or as amended in future budget years.  


  • Business must be located within the area designated on the map below.
  • Business must agree to provide feedback on the events and grants process.
  • business must agree to display signage during event of their participation in the program (provided by the City)
  • Business agrees to send selected musician's name and social media tags in a timely manner to to be shared on the Life In Celina TX social media pages.
  • Business agrees to promote their selected musician's event on their businesses social media pages to the best of their ability.
  • Business must send an updated W9 (signed in 2021 and invoice for each musician by the Wednesday before the event to be paid that weekend. Checks will be written to the business to be paid that weekend. Businesses are responsible for paying out the artist. 
  • Proof of:
    • No delinquent taxes
    • No bankruptcy filings
    • Designated music venue area
    • Pending artist agreements/commitments.

Approval Process: 

City of Celina staff will review applications and communicate with applicants of their status within 10 days of submittal. 

Live Music Grant Application

City Awarded Projects

Award Date
Award Amount
August 2020 TPWD Non-Urban Outdoor Recreation/Small Communities
Old Celina Park Signature Playground
Request: $150,000
Match: $350,000
Total: $500,000
June 2019 BOR Drought Resiliency Projects
6-Million Gallon Water Storage Tank
Request: $750.000
Match: 6,503,000
Total: $7,253,000
TBD TX Office of the Governor Violence Against Women Program
Third year renewal funding for Family Violence/Sexual Assault Investigator
Request: $70,483
Match: $30,207
Total: $100,690