Criminal Investigation Division

The Criminal Investigations Division (CID) plays a crucial role within the Celina Police Department, focusing on the investigation of criminal activities and gathering evidence to ensure the successful prosecution of offenders. Comprised of skilled detectives and investigators, the CID is responsible for handling complex and sensitive cases that require specialized knowledge and expertise.

The primary function of the CID is to conduct thorough and meticulous investigations into various criminal offenses, including but not limited to homicides, burglaries, thefts, assaults, and fraud. Detectives in the division utilize a wide range of investigative techniques, such as gathering witness statements, collecting physical evidence, analyzing forensic data, conducting surveillance, and collaborating with other law enforcement agencies.

Furthermore, the CID works closely with prosecutors and the legal system to build strong cases against suspects, ensuring that justice is served. Detectives within the division also provide support and expertise to patrol officers during ongoing investigations, offering guidance and assistance when needed.

Overall, the Criminal Investigations Division of the Celina Police Department serves as a vital component in maintaining public safety, bringing offenders to justice, and providing closure to victims and their families.

  1. Cortnie Webb

    CID Sergeant

  2. Wil Stone


  1. Joseph Shires


  2. Jerry Crumley


  1. Mark Goodell


  1. Tim Hale

    Tim Hale

    Criminal Investigation Division Lieutenant