Requesting Records and Information

Search Public Records Online

The City Secretary’s Office is dedicated to promoting open and responsive government.  Searching for records has now been made easier and more efficient.  Celina now offers Web Portal for requestors.  Web Portal provides 24/7 access to the following records:

  • Minutes
  • Ordinances and Resolutions

Common  Public Record Requests 

  • Water Shut Off Requests - For the privacy of Celina's Residents the City does not provide any information, please refer to Texas H.B. 872 for further details.
  • For Crash / Vehicle accident reports please click here.

Public Information Act 

The City of Celina complies with all State Laws and Regulations regarding public information. To make a request not listed above  please follow this link  Public Information Request  to make an official request to the City. 

Follow the link HERE  to learn more about your rights as a requestor. While there feel free to browse the website for more educational information regarding the Public Information Act!