Community Services

The Community Services Unit of the Celina Police Department plays a vital role in fostering positive relationships and community engagement. They organize a range of events and programs that aim to strengthen connections between law enforcement and residents. One such program is Blue Santa, which brings joy to underprivileged children during the holiday season by collecting and distributing gifts. This initiative not only spreads cheer but also builds trust and rapport between the police department and the community.

The Citizen Police Academy is another significant program offered by the Community Services Unit. It provides an opportunity for residents to gain insight into the daily operations of the police department. Participants learn about various aspects of law enforcement, including crime prevention, investigations, and emergency response. This program enhances understanding, encourages open dialogue, and fosters cooperation between the police and the public.

Additionally, the Community Services Unit offers resources and educational programs for parents and residents. They conduct sessions on topics such as personal safety, cyber awareness, and drug prevention, equipping community members with essential knowledge to safeguard themselves and their families.

The Community Services Unit works closely with School Resource Officers (SROs) to provide valuable support in ensuring the safety and well-being of students. These dedicated SROs, assigned to schools, collaborate with the Community Services Unit to create a positive and secure learning environment. They actively engage with students, staff, and faculty, not only responding to incidents but also implementing proactive initiatives to promote safety and trust. The Community Services Unit assists the SROs in their efforts by promoting programs like the Junior Police Academy and the Explorers program. Together, they empower young individuals with hands-on experiences in law enforcement, fostering leadership skills, and cultivating respect for the vital role that SROs play in schools. 

  1. Thacker, John

    John Thacker

    Public Information Officer/Community Relations