Life Connected Award



The Life Connected award is awarded to an individual who has made a difference in the lives of many through positive connections. The award recognizes selfless efforts to connect people and overcome obstacles while embodying Celina’s core values: Integrity, Community, Excellence, and Service.  

  • Must be resident of Celina or business owner/supporter
  • Embodies Core Values of City
  • Embodies the spirit of Life Connected
  • Honors the values of Faith, Family, and Friends
  • Demonstrates behavior that goes above and beyond normal activities
  •  City employees past/present are not eligible

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2020 Life Connected Award Recipient: Carter Morris

Carter Morris, President\CEO Grace Bridge Food Bank, Master Cares - Africa, Master Cares Foundation Inc.


Executive Director

Grace Bridge Food Bank



Prestonwood Baptist Church


Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

Masters of Arts

Field Of Study Christian Education and Church Leadership 


2021 Life Connected Award Recipient: Jai Harris

2021 Life Connected Award Recipient: Diego Matehuala