Neighborhood Integrity Program



The City of Celina’s Neighborhood Integrity Program (NIP) provides grants to support Celina neighborhood groups in initiatives for the public benefit.  The program seeks creative and sustainable projects that enhance the physical and aesthetic conditions of the City’s neighborhoods, increase the City’s unique identity, and/or increase the quality of life for its residents.  Letters of Intent should be submitted as soon as possible and applications should be submitted by the deadline.

 Application Deadline:  March 1, 2022

Selection Process:

  • As soon as possible, email with a letter of intent.  This can be in the email body.  Briefly describe your project and any details that you will otherwise include for the full application to the extent possible.  This will allow City staff to expect your application and work with you to complete the application as fully as possible.
  • By the deadline, submit an application, including all required attachments, using the form at the end of this document.  Submit to
  • The City selection team will exercise discretion in the selection and oversight of selected projects.   
  • City staff may also request that projects amend their applications to include additional sketches, site plans, safety plans, project timelines, budget details, written approval from any impacted private property owners, and other supporting documents.  City staff welcomes any questions or preliminary discussions prior to submission of an application.  

Selection Criteria Include:

  • Public Benefit:
    1. Have wide-reaching community benefit.
    2. Must be for beautification purposes and not maintenance or repair.
    3. Be in public view.  Both projects on public or private property will be considered although all projects must be in public view.  Public property includes rights-of-way and parks.  Private property improvements will be taken into consideration if they are on or in association with a property maintained by a neighborhood or homeowner’s association.
    4. Support City Council’s goal of beautifying the City.
  • Public Impact:
    1. Enhance the aesthetics of the neighborhood in a visible way.
    2. Result in enhancing the quality of life for residents.
  • Creativity:
    1. Support the City Council’s goal of branding the City through unique and creative place-making.
    2. Whether there is a historic aspect reflecting the City’s heritage.
  • Feasibility and Community Involvement:
    1. Evidenced by neighborhood support.
    2. Demonstrable momentum and ability to oversee the project with City support.
    3. No need for ongoing maintenance by City.
  • Whether a matching contribution, in the form of cash, in-kind donation, volunteer labor, and/or materials, is feasible and realistic.  Projects with matches will be more likely to be selected.


  • Many cities require a matching contribution in the form of cash, in-kind donation, labor, and/or materials.  At this moment, the City of Celina retains its discretion in choosing whether it will require a match and the decision will be based on the availability of City funds as well as the quality of applications in a given application cycle.  
  • Please include details as to the possibility of a matching or other contribution in your application.

Examples of Possible Projects Include:

  • Enhanced entrances (signage, sign toppers, landscaping, lighting, etc.)
  • Enhanced landscaping or place-making
  • Neighborhood park and amenity improvements
  • Mobility and trail improvements such as bicycle racks, sidewalks, lighting, pet-related amenities, and benches


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