All About Water

Where Does Our Water Come From?

Celina is one of 24 member cities that receive treated water from the Upper Trinity Regional Water District (UTRWD) located in Lewisville, Texas. UTRWD is a regional water conservation and reclamation district created in 1989 to provide wholesale water and wastewater services to the North Texas region. 

UTRWD currently delivers fresh, clean, and dependable drinking water to over 29 cities, towns, and utilities. They reliably sources water to over 270,000 people in Denton County and a portion of Collin County; some of the fastest-growing areas in the state.  

On average, UTRWD treats and delivers around 29 million gallons of water per day, equal to nearly 11 billion gallons of water each year. Member city rates are equal and established by the Upper Trinity Board made up of one member from each entity that it serves. 

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Upper Trinity Regional Water District Construction on Lake Ralph Hall updates The construction of Lake Ralph Hall directly impacts the City of Celina and the projected future water needs of our growing community.

How Water is Treated

Before a drop of water ever comes out of your faucet, it undergoes a rigorous eight-step process at one of two plants operated by the Upper Trinity Regional Water District (UTRWD). Using state-of-the-art technology, this process, along with testing from their team of experts, ensures UTRWD-treated water meets all quality requirements. 

The Water Treatment Process

1.    Pumping to Treatment

2.    Coagulation

3.    Flocculation & Sedimentation

4.    Ozone Treatment

5.    Filtration

6.    Disinfection

7.    Treated Water Storage

8.    Delivery of Drinking Water to Customers

Delivering Your Water

Once treated, the Upper Trinity Regional Water District (UTRWD) delivers clean water through 103 miles of pipeline to over 20 cities, towns, and utilities. This long-ranging pipeline system includes the following assets: 

  •         Elevated Storage Tank/Booster Station
  •        Pump Stations (Stone Hill & Temple Dane)
  •         Water Storage Facilities

The Stone Hill Pump Station includes two ground storage tanks and a pump station. It delivers water to customers in the western portion of UTRWD's service area. The Temple Dane joint pump station and 1 million gallon storage facility is operated in partnership with Mustang Special Utility District and delivers to our northern service area. The elevated storage tank and these two booster pump stations are used to increase pressure in the system when demand is particularly high.


In all, UTRWD's transmission pipelines extend from Justin to Celina and from Castle Hills to Sanger for complete coverage of the entire region.