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Outdoor irrigation accounts for approximately 50 - 70% of all water used during summer months, much of which is wasted due to overwatering or inefficient equipment. As part of its regional water conservation program, Upper Trinity Regional Water District, in coordination with local utilities, is offering a free Irrigation System Check-Up to homeowners in its service area, including the City of Celina.

If the home qualifies, a licensed irrigation company will contact the homeowner to schedule the check-up (homeowner must be present for the check-up to be conducted). A licensed irrigator will perform the check-up and identify potential problems with the homeowner’s irrigation system (i.e. broken or misaligned sprinkler heads and the controller settings), at no cost to the homeowner. In addition, the licensed irrigator will discuss proper irrigation system and controller maintenance and operation with the homeowner, as well as provide information on efficient watering habits.

A report will be provided to the homeowner with suggested irrigation system repairs, as well recommended controller settings. The licensed irrigator who performs the check-up does not perform the repairs, ensuring that their recommendations are not biased!

The first 40 qualifying homes in Celina may take advantage of this offer immediately (if you haven’t already received one in previous years). After the first 40, subsequent requests will be placed on a wait list and will be contacted later in the season if more spots are available or in the next year.

To request a free Irrigation System Check-Up, please fill out this online form: http://bit.ly/UTRWDCHECKUP