General Development Information

Welcome to the City of Celina! 

The information and hyperlinks below will provide general development information.


Official GIS Website, including the Interactive Map.

To use the interactive map, you can click on various layers in the "Layer List" to obtain information such as the zoning, subdivisions, overlays, City limit boundaries, and other useful layers.

Additional information, such as the size and location of water and sewer lines, may be obtained by contacting the Engineering Department.


The zoning districts depicted on the map correlate to the zoning districts outlined in the Zoning Ordinance.  Some zoning districts may be a "PD" (Planned Development) with a specific number and ordinance associated with them. Here is a list of the PD Ordinances.


The ultimate growth boundary of Celina is approximately 78 square miles. All land within the Ultimate Growth Boundary is either in the City Limits, or classified as Extra-Territorial Jurisdiction (ETJ). Please note that the majority of City regulations apply to the ETJ, with the exception of zoning.   

Any projects within the ETJ must abide by the Subdivision Ordinance. Please contact the Planning Department for any questions.  


The City of Celina actively offers annexation deferral agreements for properties that do not wish to be part of the City Limits at this time.

Please contact the Planning Department for further information on this unique opportunity. 


Call the Planning Department and discuss your ideas for viability and additional information.

Once ideas are further refined, the next step would be to schedule a DRC (Development Review Committee) or pre-development meeting with Staff. Typically a preliminary site plan is required.

Once Staff has fully vetted the project in a DRC meeting, it will have clearance to submit applications through the Permitting Department


Long Range Plans share the vision for the City overall and its downtown.

Visit the Greater Celina Chamber of Commerce and the Celina Economic Development Corporation (EDC) for additional information.