Incentive Programs

Neighborhood Vitality Program (NVP)

The NVP provides reimbursement grants of 50% of cost, up to $25,000, for projects that make a significant improvement to the public realm, including playground equipment, public seating, entry features, sign toppers, public art, lighting enhancements, landscaping, safety improvements, and aesthetic improvements in the specific residential neighborhood. 

Downtown Enhancement Programs

The following Downtown Programs were created to promote Downtown by encouraging development and improvements to both residential and commercial projects in the area.

Neighborhood Empowerment Zone (NEZ)

The NEZ program offers a reduction of building permit fees and impact fees for commercial or residential new construction or remodeling within the defined geographical area.

Downtown Investment Programs (DIP)

The DIP provides reimbursement grants of 50% of cost, up to $25,000, for meaningful additions to the public realm including facade improvements, lighting, public art, seating, and other projects that will directly benefit the citizens of Celina as they enjoy the downtown area. 

Residential Tax Reinvestment Program (RTRP)

The RTRP provides a one-time payment on the City ad-valorem tax increase due to a signification improvement and/or expansion to an existing residential exterior in the downtown area when applicants spend a minim of $20,000. 

For more information on these programs, contact the Permitting Division at or 972-382-2111

Downtown Enhancement Programs Brochure


Project Examples