Annual Reports

2021 Annual Report

Thank you for taking a few moments to read our 2021 Annual Report for the City of Celina. The Annual Report gives us an opportunity to highlight the goals and vision set forth in our Strategic Plan. We hope to give you a sense of what we have accomplished, what we are working on, and what is on the horizon for our City in this publication.

Since its establishment, Celina has grown from a tiny farming community near the Grayson County border to the most desired and valuable place to live, work, and raise a family in North Texas. It’s fair to say we experienced unprecedented growth last year. While our numbers have increased with new families and businesses moving to the area, we have managed to maintain that community spirit that has always made Celina so special.

Our community spirit was on full display at each and every event that the City held last year. Our historic Downtown Square played host to nearly 50 events beginning in March and wrapping up at our annual Christmas on the Square. These events not only gave us an opportunity to bring the community together, but it was an opportunity to welcome new faces to our City. Each event was an opportunity to showcase the Downtown area, which is both rich in history and a symbol of our expected growth. Just like Celina!

With so many new neighborhoods under development, businesses being created, and families deciding to call Celina home, I can see how we are living up to our City’s motto – Life Connected. We expect this upcoming year to be even more exciting and memorable than years past.

No matter the size of our population, Celina will continue to be known and beloved because of the size of our heart. Perhaps as you look through this Annual Report, the heart of the City – much more than just the data or statistics – will resonate with you. You will see why this place that we call home, and these people who we call family are the best of what Texas represents.

We hope you have a fantastic 2022!


Sean Terry, Mayor

2020 Annual Report

Celina has long been a City committed to doing things differently. Our people come together to face challenges head-on. In 2020, we saw the epitome of this life connected way. This year we faced a global pandemic, unlike anything we had seen before. The pandemic has had widespread ramifications that continue to impact people’s health, economic stability, and livelihood. Notwithstanding these challenges, I am proud to say that Celina stood strong. By working together and supporting each other we were not only able to maintain our long-standing businesses, we continued our growth and welcomed many new businesses to our City.

This unpredictable year has proven something that we all already knew: that our community is resilient and strong when faced with adversity. Amidst the difficulties of 2020, the City continued working fastidiously on our projects and goals established in the 2018-2020 Strategic Plan. The work completed over the last two years was outstanding. This resiliency has pushed our City forward, allowing us to fulfill many of our two-year goals and positioning us well to accomplish our 25-year mission. This report seeks to illuminate some of the many accomplishments that we carried out in alignment with our two-year goals. In addition, we have laid out projects that are on the horizon for the City in 2021.

While 2021 meets us with much uncertainty about what’s to come, we can rest assured that our progress will continue onward. The efforts that our residents, business owners, and City staff have put into our City will continue to make a difference and enhance the quality of life in Celina. We can accomplish anything when we are living life connected.


Sean Terry, Mayor

2019 Annual Report

The start of a new decade often fills us with the anticipation of new opportunities. As we enter 2020, I am happy to report that Celina is positioned to take full advantage of those opportunities. The work we completed in 2019 has been outstanding, and we have made significant headway on our 10 two-year goals, especially in planning and branding the City, cultivating a great quality of life and a unique Downtown, and enhancing public safety.

Significant public input has been central in both developing and refining our Trails and Parks Master Plans and our new brand and tagline, “Life Connected.” In fact, we continue to develop and deepen critical partnerships among not only residents, but also our businesses, our staff, and our visitors in a continuing effort to promote Celina.

Quality of life continues to rise as well. Downtown, the heart of Celina, garners increasing interest, with new and established businesses enjoying consistent growth. Not only that, but our Downtown Master Plan was recently highlighted with a prestigious award. Finally, our library continues to set visitation and readership records, demonstrating the increasing interest and value of the Celina library to our families.

In addition, the Police Department has worked hard to continue increasing our safety and security with technological advancements and innovative crime abatement programs, while the Fire Department has acquired capital equipment and critical staffing needed to launch operations out of the newly built Fire Station No. 2.

All this progress took place while still ensuring that many of our streets were repaired or reconstructed, special events continued to grow, and that the other responsibilities that municipalities provide on a daily basis were completed.

The new decade will prove significant for Celina, and residents can be proud of the work being accomplished today that will make a difference tomorrow.


Sean Terry, Mayor

2018 Annual Report

2018 marked a pivotal point in Celina's growth and development. We saw the beginnings of truly significant growth coming our way. Our permits and other development indicators skyrocketed, and it became even more evident that now is the time to make sure we set things in place to secure Celina's future.

At the beginning of the year, to prepare for extensive planning efforts, we launched a community survey. We had approximately 759 responses, which is a great rate of return for surveys. We received thoughtful and valuable feedback that we used all year as we made decisions, established policies, and started new plans and programs.

The first plan we did after the Survey was a Strategic Plan. Key City Staff met with City Council at a retreat and reviewed and discussed the Community Survey feedback first. We then did exercises to establish our Core Values and other components of the Vision Framework. After that, we created 10 major goals that we wanted to accomplish over the next two years, through 2020. Although the Strategic Plan was not adopted until July of 2018, we started implementation of the actions we discussed on the day of the treat! We heard loud and clear that Downtown should be a top priority so after the Strategic Plan, we poured energy into a new Downtown Master Plan next.

We have organized this Annual report by our 10 two-year goals, and we are excited to share a glimpse of what we accomplished in 2018, in addition to our daily operational functions and customer service, which are the bulk of what we do. We look forward to even more work towards these goals in the coming months and years, especially since some of these efforts, such as enhancing Celina's quality of life, should never end.


Sean Terry, Mayor