The Downtown Mural Project



Entry Deadline: 07/27/20018

Media: Images - Minimum: 3, Maximum: 5

Entry Fee (Celina Mural Project): Free

Submission: City of Celina Development Services

List of Qualifications

City of Celina is putting forth an initiative to transform the historic downtown into a thriving arts & entertainment district that incubates new creative talent.. As part of this initiative, the Mural Project has been commissioned by the Celina Development Services Department.  The first phase of this project is for the creation of a downtown mural (location to be determined).

The artwork concepts will be created using a collaborative process between artistic consultants, community stakeholders and Celina leaders. The project will culminate with a public unveiling ceremony.


Mural: $20,000

The budget is to cover all costs incurred by the artist relating to the design, fabrication and installation of the art work.  Covered expenses include but shall not be limited to compensation for design and engineering services, materials, transportation of artwork, fabrication, installation, etc.

Schedule Outline:

07/02/2018 - Call for artists.
07/27/2018 - Deadline for submissions. The city will then select 3 artists who will be asked to submit design proposals for the mural.
09/11/2018 - Finalize logistics / announce artist.

Artist Eligibility:

All artists with the ability to design and fabricate a large scale mural are encouraged to respond to this Request for Qualifications.  Artists must be older than 18 years of age and must have created a mural larger than 10' x 10'. 

Selection Process: 

Artists should submit their qualifications, a bio, 3 references, a statement of interest and 3 to 5 images of their work before 07/27/2018.

Up to three (3) artists will be selected as finalists to prepare a mural proposal design.