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Provided below is a link to the DRAFT Celina Downtown Master Plan.  The Celina Downtown Master Plan (DMP) will be going through the public hearing process in December and January, and is tentatively scheduled for adoption on January 15, 2019.  The City would like to hear your comments or adjustments to the Plan at this time while the draft DMP is still being refined and finalized.  Please send any comments or adjustments to Alexis Jackson at or call Alexis at 972-382-2682.  We thank you in advance for your consideration of this important step in planning for Celina's future.

Downtown Master Plan Draft

About the Plan

The City of Celina’s biggest physical asset, as identified by the community, is its downtown and square area. To establish the vision of what Downtown should look like and how it should evolve, the Downtown Master Plan’s major goal is to establish that vision through illustrative concepts and supporting text and recommendations. The Plan will address the existing conditions as well as future opportunities and strategies, and it will detail physical aspects of development and the economic impacts that it could bring.


We want to make Downtown a branded destination in #CelinaTX where residents and businesses want to #StartStayGrow!


Click here to see the Downtown Study Area Map 

Get Involved

24/7 Social Media Engagement

The Downtown Master Plan Team will be continuously monitoring the project’s two hashtags: #CelinaTX and #StartStayGrow.  If you have ideas on how to make Downtown Celina the best it can be, please send out a Tweet or Post on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.  We would appreciate your feedback!  We encourage you to take pictures of Celina’s biggest Downtown assets and tell us why you love them (include the two hashtags) and/or take pictures of other cities’ downtown features that you feel would be a great fit for Downtown Celina (include the two hashtags) so we can include the ideas in the planning efforts!

Downtown Stakeholder Workshop: 6/7/18 (6pm-8pm) **Complete**

The Stakeholder Workshop allowed some individuals directly affected by the Downtown to engage and communicate with the Downtown Master Plan Team. The workshop consisted of discussing the pros and cons of the area and working as a group to identify how Downtown can be revitalized and structured for success in the future. Those in attendance included the Main Street Advisory Board, the Historic Preservation Committee, and others closely related to the area (ex. Property Owners).  This was an initial meeting, and it was not the only engagement scheduled for the Plan as there are many stakeholders beyond this initial group. SUMMARY HERE


Stakeholder Interviews: 6/14-6/15/18 **Complete**

Stakeholder interviews were held with key participants in the planning process. City staff identified an initial list of Downtown stakeholders, but everyone was welcome to make sure they were are on it if they were interested and had ideas and feedback to share.  Please contact Alexis Jackson at 972.382.2682 if you would like to participate in an interview or if you have questions about this part of the process. Sign up for the interviews here at the link.


Engagement Day on the Square: 6/22/18 (10:30am-4pm, 5pm-6pm) **Complete**

Engagement Day on the Square was a nearly all day event that allowed the community to interact with Downtown Master Plan Team. The event included activities and discussions regarding how to revitalize Downtown, what Downtown should look like, and design concepts. There was a block party which showcased some potential improvements to the area, and there was a come-and-go workshop from 10:30am to 4pm with a presentation of the Day’s collaboration and findings at 5pm. 

See the press release for Engagement Day and the event on facebook!
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Consultant Team:

Abra Nusser, AICP
President & CEO, Ideation Planning

Brad Moulton, ASLA, RLA
Principal, La Terra Studio

Daniel Oney
Principal, Axianomics

Jaric Jones
Planning Technician, Ideation Planning

City Staff:

Project Manager
Alexis Jackson, AICP

Rebecca Barton
Downtown Development Manager

Jason Laumer
City Manager

Jessica Matehuala
Community Relations Manager

Ognjen Colakovic
GIS Manager

Paul DeBuff
Assistant to City Manager