1. When do I need a building permit? 

Permits are required for most any construction or remodeling projects.

2. What is my property zoned?

A staff member will help you find and explain your zoning classification. Our zoning map can be found here

3. What are my building setbacks?

Setbacks from the roadway, rear yard and side property lines will be different depending upon your zoning district. A staff member will help you in   determining the required setbacks for your lot.

4. How do I schedule a pre-submittal or pre-development meeting?

To discuss projects before a formal submission, please use this form to schedule. 

5. Why can’t the City enforce my HOA rules, deed restrictions, or covenants?

HOA rules, deed restrictions and covenants are civil agreements between a property owner and the developer or homeowners’ association. When someone purchases a property, they agree to follow certain rules set by the developer or HOA. These rules are not set by the City, nor does the City have any responsibility in determining what they are. City ordinances generally establish a minimum standard required for the health, safety and comfort of its citizens, but deed restrictions generally establish a higher standard of living for a particular area. Violations of deed restrictions should be reported to your HOA. If there is not an active HOA, they may be enforced by one individual against another by filing a case in civil court.