Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement function resides within the City's Development Services Department and works closely with the development process. Code Enforcement is charged with the following regulations:

  • Property use (zoning and other development requirements)
  • Buildings and premises maintenance
  • Dangerous structures
  • Inoperable vehicles
  • Other quality of life-related codes


  1. Do you take anonymous complaints? Yes, complaints can be called in, emailed or taken online anonymously.
  2. Who do I contact for any follow up action or information? Please contact Mike Green at 469-297-2804 or by email at: 
  3. Why aren’t bandit/snipe signs allowed? Most cities do not allow those signs as they are often never removed and add to trash/debris issues.
  4. What home based businesses are allowed? The scope of Home Occupations can be found in our Code of Ordinances, (Section 14.05.265) which can be found here.
  5. Can I get an extension for time to correct my property issue? Generally, yes. Circumstances must be addressed in order to find the best solution to how much time might be needed.
  6. Who is responsible for the trees and grass on my property near the street or easement? Article 6.02.002 covers issues with trees and shrubs that are the responsibility of the property owner, while Section 6.02.004 states it is the duty of property owner to maintain all vegetation within 150 feet of any property line or from the curb.
  7. More information on the City's Codes can be found by following the link here

  1. Mike Green

    Community Services Manager

  2. Bruce Koliba

    Environmental Health/Code Enforcement
    Phone: 972-200-3621