Become A Team Member 

Celina is a rapidly growing community and home to many new businesses with the addition of numerous subdivisions. This is the time to be in Celina! And what better way to enjoy the benefits of Celina than to be a part of our team?  Celina Fire Department is centered on an organizational culture that believes “your safety is our profession.” We value and adhere to the behavior of extreme character and professionalism not only while on duty but in our home life.  The emphasis on this cultural value allows Celina’s Fire Department to possess a customer-centered focus on serving the community and each other!  Our organization is and will continue to be challenged by hiring new personnel as we grow. The challenges associated with growth will result in additional stations, new personnel along with several promotions.  It simply couldn’t be a better time to be a Celina firefighter!

Service Area Population: 20,000

Estimated 5-year population: 50,000