Storm water

About Storm Water

When it rains or snow melts, water that is not absorbed into the ground, intercepted by vegetation or evaporated flows into surface waters such as rivers, streams, canals, lakes, creeks and coastal waters.

Surface water is a precious resource, especially in Texas because it is the primary source for most of our supplied waters, and so you should always remember that City of Celina's storm water runoff will eventually be a future drinking water or support an aquatic life.

As the City grows and develops the amount of storm water runoffs and tendency of pollution increases due to increased impervious surfaces and water polluting activities. Consequently without proper infrastructure and management, flooding and surface water pollution may be rampant.

As a result the City is considering the implementation of a storm water utility fee (pdf) to provide more effective storm water management throughout Celina. The utility fee will help to protect our community and the environment from flooding, creek erosion, damage to aquatic habitat, and pollution of our streams and lakes.