Engineering Design and Construction Standards

To ensure uniformity and high quality of the City's public infrastructure, the City has developed a Design and Construction standards which is to be used on both City and Developer Projects.
This document contains the City's design standards and construction standard details, technical specification, approved materials list and general construction notes.

On September 10, 2019 the City Council approved the amendment of the Standard Construction Details (PDF) and the Engineering Design Standards (PDF) which were originally adopted on March 08, 2016.  The Engineering Standards includes but not limited to the following:
City's Approved Materials List(PDF)
Downstream Assessment Report Minimum Requirements Checklist(PDF)
Geotechnical Report for Roadways Checklist(PDF) 
Summary of Geotechnical Recommendation Form(PDF)  

Proposed Revisions

Standard Details

Engineering Design Standards
Section 3- Drainage Design Requirements