Outdoor Warning Sirens

The LAWS Outdoor Automatic All Hazards Mass Notification System has been installed at Old Celina Park and the Celina Historic Square. This state of the art system is automated, which means that citizens and visitors to Old Celina Park and the Square will not have to wait on Celina Emergency Management personnel to activate the warning device. The device will automatically activate by a signal from the National Weather Service when severe storms are approaching. This device can also be manually activated if needed. This system's primary notification zone is intended for the Old Celina Park area only. We will be installing more of these systems around Celina as a part of the master emergency notification system plan. Celina will have multiple layers of mass notification as the city grows. The new LAWS system is just one of the layers that the city uses for densely populated areas such as Old Celina Park. The new LAWS system will be tested the first Wednesday of every month to ensure system readiness.
Please don't forget that citizens can also sign up for Celina WeatherWarn at no cost. WeatherWarn is another layer in the notification system that will send automatic alerts to your home phones, cell phones and email in the event of severe weather. They can sign up for WeatherWarn/CodeRed at /index.aspx?nid=876
Your Safety is our Profession.